What should You do When Your Fast Charger is Not Working?

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What should You do When Your Fast Charger is Not Working?


1.Why Fast Charger Not Working?
Generally speaking , the mobile phone can not be charged maybe about the below reasons:

  1. Charger adapter is not suitable with your phone
  2. )Charging cable is broken
  3. )  There is something wrong with the port of your phone.
  4. )  Mobile phone’s battery is broken
  5. )  The mobile phone is damaged. Or other reasons.

First you should check phone adapter’s  printing parameter. If the charger’s output power is less than or more than the phone’s power, it will not suitable for your phone. If charger’s power is less than the phone’s, it  can be charged as normally, but with slower charging speed than the original one. If the charger’s power is more than the phone’s,it  will be interrupted when working .

If your phone’s output power more than 10 Watts, it need strong charging cable,especially about the four core line charging cable. Checking your cable, Make sure that it is the strong one with four core lines. If not ,change another same charging cable at once. If the device return working regularly  , it shows that your first charging cable is broken.Throw it away immediately.

Checking your phone's charging port, if there is some foreign body near it.Move it away immediately when you find it. If you find the charging port is broken, the charging cable’s port will not be connected with the phone.  Please ask the mobile phone service shop to repair it for you.

As we know battery is an important for mobile phone, it is the spring life of mobile phone.Nowdays,All the smart mobile phone takes built-in battery all over the world. If mobile phone’s battery is broken down.,it can also make phone not charging.The below methods can help you to check battery. For Android device you can try to key““*#*#4636#*#*”into dial key interface. For IOS device you can try to check with iBackupBot App, checking battery’s charging times and capacity. Lithium-battery’s can be charged and released about 500 times. if  more than 500 times, the battery’s capacity will be lost about 20%. It can not be charged, when the mobile phone’s battery is aging.

If your phone not charging without above reasons, perhaps the phone is broken down. Maybe your children made your phone falling down on the floor,when they play games with it.  Unfortunately, your phone damaged strong this times. Finally it can not charging as normally.

2.Reset Factory Data

If your phone not charging without the above reasons, maybe you should think about resetting factory data.
* Setting
* Updated setting
* Backup and setting
* Backup date
* Return back data
* Reset
Resetting your phone according to your above steps one by one,.after that, if your phone  not charging as well .You should contact with the phone’s service at once. Ask them to repair it or exchange it. Of course, your phone should be within the warranty date.

3.Why Cellphone Protocol Effects the Fast Charger's Working ?
If the charger does not match the fast charging protocol with the phone, it cannot enter the fast charging mode, which will result in slow power charging .Therefore. it can be charge slowly for mobile phone sometimes. 
Of course, it's best to use a matching charger, otherwise you will  do some damage to your phone.It is an important to note that you should never use substandard chargers, such as unbranded or uncertificated  chargers, which may cause damage to your phone's battery or other components.Although many chargers can correspond to the port.Different current may cause other adverse reactions.

4.Mobile Phone Fast Charging Protocol?

①Huawei quick charge
Huawei Fast charging protocols are divided into Fast Charge Protocol (FCP) and Super Charge Protocol (SCP). The former was widely used in the early days and belongs to the high voltage Fast charging genre. .SCP is mainly used at present,,Huawei SuperCharge is a super fast charge product, which supports up to 66W wired fast charge and 50W wireless fast charge.
②Xiaomi quick charge
Xiaomi Turbo Charge Technology (English: MI Turbo Charge) currently has 120W, 67W, 55W, 33W and other fast Charge power gears.Due to the customized interface design, Mi Quick charge must use the original charger and original data cable to achieve high power quick charge based on USB-A to Type-C.
QC quick charge
QC Quick Charging AgreementQuick Charge is a Quick Charge technology developed by Qualcomm, a well-known chip company, for the snapdragon processor. The latest version of QC4.0 supports 3.6-20V fluctuation voltage, theoretically achieving a maximum charging power of 100W (20V/5A), and is downward compatible with previous QC3.0 and QC2.0 Quick Charge.USB Type-C and USB PD are supported.
④PD quick charge
PD Power Delivery Specification (USB Power Delivery Specification) is a fast charging standard launched by USB standardization organization. It is a USB Power supply extension standard with a maximum Power supply of 100W.In general, both ends of PD protocol charging line use Type-C interface, but there are also cases that mobile phone manufacturers use Type-A interface at the power supply end through magic modification.

5.How to Solve the Charger Not Charging?
First, the mobile phone system failure,causing the battery display to fail.This problem is easy to fix, you can directly shut down and restart, equivalent to directly refresh the data, the battery display will usually return to normal.
Second, the charger is faulty. This glitch is the main reason mobile phones fail to charge. How can we find out that if a charger is good or bad? As we all know, the charger is composed of charging body and charging cable, we replace the charging body and charging cable separately. If it can not be charged, it can be concluded that the charging body or charging cable is broken. Therefore,we have to buy a new charger immediatly .
Third, the charger and mobile phone are not be connected well.It is very common that the charger is not plugged in properly,which due to users careless.First of all, we should check whether the charging port of mobilephone is connected well with the charging cable.Otherwise it will not be charged. Sometimes, after long time using, the conductivity of the charging port is weakened. We can try to cut a little pencil powder and pour it into the interface to increase the conductivity of the charging port.Then, check whether there is foreign body blockage in the bottom interface of the phone, which leads to poor connecting with the charging cable. At this time, we can remove the foreign body.
Fourth, mobile phone battery problems.In general, cell phone battery failure is rare. Once appear it will be a big problem.Please pay your attention on it.When the charger and phone system are not faulty, you should focus on checking the battery.If the battery is swollen, it shows that there is  a problem.You should stop using it immediately.We advise that you not to remove the battery at random,and do not have fluke psychology. because the swollen battery is easy to explode, with serious consequences.However, with the rapid development,.built-in battery replace it at present. 
Fifth, too low or too high temperature.Mobile phone batteries are particularly sensitive to temperature, and when the phone goes above or below a certain temperature, it may fail to charge. For example, apple devices have internal temperature protection Settings. The normal operating range is generally 0 to 35 ° C. If the temperature is too low or too high, the device will be warned or even automatically shut down.
  ① If the temperature is low, we suggest that charge your mobile phone in a slightly higher temperature environment, or charging after the charger connected with power supply for a period of time;
  ② If the temperature is high, it is recommended to put the mobile phone in a slightly lower temperature environment for a period of time, and then try to charge.
Sixth, the mobile phone's  own quality . If you buy a shanzhai phone, the probability of failure is very high. If it is a brand machine, it needs to return to the original factory processing.
In short, you should be able to find and solve the charging problem,which based on above six aspects checking and specific analysis.