Helping you to find a suitable wireless charger for your device

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Helping you to find a suitable wireless charger for your device


1.How to find a suitable wireless charger for your device,which is more and more important  in daily life ?
Here some tips to helping you find out a suitable wireless charger for your device.
Circular pads are the rage, but wireless chargers also come in many other formats. Materials range from plastic to eco friendly bamboo,wood, or fabric, or aluminum alloy ,etc.

1.) ABS materials Up to 15W wireless Charger pad

Designed to deliver fast wireless charging for the latest smartphones, the 15W Round  shape wireless charging Pad  can be easier to use. Unclutter your bedroom, office, or kitchen counters by going wireless—just place your phone on the pad and start charging instantly. LED light indicators and non-slip surface keep your phone charging correctly, built-in coil included.

2.) ECO friendly Bamboo or Wheat Straw 15W Wireless Charger

Eco-friendly Biodegradable bamboo and wheat straw material .Update your desk with this super convenient wireless charger. It is made from natural bamboo or wheat straw integrates perfectly on your desk or in your living room.The 15W  wireless charger with 150 cm micro USB or Type C charging cable , which is connected with power source. The pen holder is convenient to store small objects to keep your desk clean and organised. Wireless charging compatible with all QI enabled devices like Android latest generation, iPhone 8 and up.

3.) Fabric Up to 15W Wireless Charger Pad

15 Watt Fabric wireless pad,which is perfect for charging your wireless compatible smart phone. Our wireless range is slick & allows you to simply place your compatible device onto the pad and walk away, no more fighting to get the cable into the charging port! No need to remove any phone cases while charging, It can  be charged through plastic cases up to 3 mm thick.
This 15W Pad is compatible with Qi devices such as, iPhone 8 up to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 down to S9. The Pad is great useful  for your at home,  or in office or taking out on holiday! The small and compact size makes it easy to bring along on your adventures.

2.The wireless charger pad is the best choice for you at home or in office 

Simplify Life With Better Charging
Clean up your desk or countertop by replacing all those wires with one convenient wireless charging pad. This slim, compact charger delivers 15W of power to your Apple or Android device.
When you get a 15W safety fast charging wireless charger, you only put your phone onto the pad for a quick and easy power boost.
Power any Qi-compatible phone using this single charger. It has been engineered to charge Apple or Samsung smartphones with a fast speed while delivering 5 watts to all other Qi-enabled devices.
Charge without removing your phone case. The Wireless Charging Pads are engineered to work with lightweight plastic cases up to 3mm.

3.10W Wireless charger stand

10W wireless charger stand can be charged for universal mobile phone,bluetooth earphone. It canbe easily used at home or in office.Whenever and wherever you are, it can make sure your iphone, Airpods, Airpods pro or other Qi compatible device’s capacity enough.
A young girl wants to find a wireless charger for using at her home. She always watching TV by mobile phone after working for a wast time. The wireless charger stand is the best one for her choosing.
It has double built-in coil,which can make charging efficient,It can allow her to watching TV when the wireless charger stand working at the same time. Bty,built-in components and intelligent chipset  can  not make charging fast, but also provide protection.such as over-heat, over-current,over-voltage and short circuit protection.
This wireless charging stand also has a built-in led indicator, when it plugged into power supply, led light will be in red, when the charging device is connected with it, the led light will be in blue.

4.10W Clock alarm wireless charger

Clock alarm wireless charger is very suitable for young men at home and for guest in hotel.
As we known young men always play games later at night, it lead them to sleep later for working. The clock wireless charger station is a good choice for them.When the young men play games,his mobile phone’s capacity using fast.The 10W clock wireless charger can be charging fast for his mobile phone.If you play game and sleep later.It doesn’t matter, the clock wireless charger station will wake you up next morning.You can only set the time and ring bell louder before sleeping. It will be ringed from 5 minutes to half an hour, according to your requirements.
Bty, the clock wireless charger also with built-in coil. It can be also make charging fast and efficient.It will be charging stably when you playing games on bedroom.

5.Vehicle-mounted wireless charger
With the rapid development of smart phones, almost everyone has a big screen smart phone, but the phone's capacity  consume quickly. Car charger is the most omportant mobile phone accessories for a driver. Whatever he is on a long journey in outdoor or is stucked in a traffic jam of city. How mad he will be? If his mobile phone is out capacity,and without any car chargers in  the car at that time. 
Car charger is a humble little thing, but it is essential to drivers. In order to cater to the development of the market, there are various types of car chargers in the market,  The  car charger's quality is an important for a car. The poor quality car charger may cause a traffic accident. 
Installing car wireless charger can bring certain benefits to the driver. For example, in high-speed driving, mobile phone reminds driver that there is no electricity. If it is not charged in time, the use of navigation will be affected. At this time, it will be more dangerous to plug and unplug the data line. Car wireless charging can be charged by simply placing your phone on ,it  can  be made your phone fully capacity when you are on the road.
Do you know what car wireless charger can be charge? At present, car chargers basically use QI protocol. Mobile phones ,which meet  with this protocol can be charged with car chargers. Therefore, if the transmitter and receiver pass QI certification, they can basically charge. Currently, QI has a maximum charging power standard of 15W. Some of the higher charging power mobile phones and devices are using proprietary protocol,  If you buy a Xiaomi or Huawei mobile phone, the seller would said that it can be supported 20W or 30W wireless charging, then only their own wireless charging, take the car to charge the maximum power is still supported 15W.
 Chooseing a car charger, according to the following principles:
① According to the appropriate output voltage, car voltage is 12V, truck voltage is 24V
② Car charger should has over-voltage, over-current, over-heat and short-circuit protection , the shell should be ABS fireproof or PC  fireproof or aluminum material, etc.
③ Correctly voltage and current of the car charger
④Choose a reliable brand
6.Magnetic wireless charger
Do magnet chargers charge fast? Take iPhone12promax as an example, there are usually three charging methods. One is to use the 5V1A old charger to charge, and the power is up to 5W. The second uses apple's original quick charger and can reach 20 watts. The third can be magnetically charged fast charging appliances, charging power can reach 15W, three ways of charging speed comparison: original fast charging > Magnetic quick charge >5 V1A old filling.
The biggest advantage of magnetic wireless charging is that it is very convenient to use. Compared with other wireless and wired chargers, magnetic charger is more suitable for playing while charging.
Therefore, if you want to charge while playing without affecting the feel experience, you are advised to use the magnetic quick charge. Here is a recommended magnetic quick charge suitable for apple's high appearance level magnetic quick charge: