What's the New “GaN Technology“ Fast Charger?

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What's the New “GaN Technology“ Fast Charger?


1.GaN Technology Fast Charger
Currently, charger's market develop faster more and more, The charger's adapter from normally 5W,10W to QC3.0, PD20W, PD30W,PD100W,etc,It's output power is higher that before, the size is also too larger. In the meaning while, there is a problem, the charger is so large and heavy. It is inconvenience for people to take it out. GaN technology fast charger's coming changed this situation. Gallium Nitride(GaN) fast charger's born is a new teachnology breakthrough. and a great landmark in the charger's history. It is a next-generation semiconductor. It has about 20 times working speed than the old traditional silicon(Si) technology, which is used in most chargers at present, and it has 3 times fast charging speed than the normal one. GaN technology fast charger take a very fast charging speed and a nice charging feeling for consumer.



2.The Advantages of Gallium Nitride Charger
Before looking at GaN on the inside of a charger, let's pay attention to what a charger does. Each of smartphones, tablets, and laptops have a battery,when a battery is transferring power to charging devices, what's happening with actually chemical reaction. A charger takes an electrical current to reverse that chemical reaction. In the early days, chargers just sent to a battery constantly, which could lead to overcharging and damage. Modern chargers include monitoring systems that lower the current as a battery fills up, which can minimizes the possibility of overcharging.
GaN chargers are physically smaller than current chargers. That's why Gallium Nitride chargers don’t require as many components as silicon ones. The material is able to conduct far higher voltages over time than silicon.
GaN chargers not only have more efficient at transferring current, but also makes less energy lose to heat. Therefore,more energy goes to whatever you try to charge. When components are more efficient at passing energy to your charging devices, it will take less time of yours.

3.Why GaN Charger is the future of Charging

Nowdays, most people have a few electronic devices,which needed to be charge. With a charger that uses GaN technology, we get a whole lot more bang for our buck—both now and in the future.
Probably you won’t see a lot of GaN chargers in the world until large hardware manufacturers, like Apple and Samsung, etc, they start this technology with their new computers and smartphones.
Think about it—when there was the last time you bought a charger? How many of the chargers plugged in around your house or office came in the early days purchasing?
If you decide to start enjoying the charging benefits of GaN now, you can do it without paying the premium normally associated with cutting-edge technology.
Since the overall design is smaller, most GaN chargers incorporate USB-C Power Delivery. It is made fast charging as compatible devices. Most current smartphones allow fast charging for many kinds of  devices,which will have this option in the future. Most GaN chargers incorporate USB-C Power Delivery, and fast charging is offered for compatible devices.Therefore GaN Charger is the future of Charing.

4.How to Choose GaN Charger?

When buy a charger,we often hear the following advertisement: "Charging in five minutes, calling within two hours!" . With more and more functions of smart phones, breakthroughs in quick charging of mobile phones are coming faster and faster. Currently iPhone13 has reached 20W, android even got 100W quick charging. In the last two years, a popular charger ------ gallium nitride (GaN) charger, small size, large power, fast heat dissipation, good compatibility characteristics make it becoming the older brother of fast charger. But there are various brands of GaN chargers on the market at present. How should we choose the suitable GaN charger ?
A.) Watch brand
Look at the brand first, and phone chargers are no exception, especially for electronic products like this one. At present, gallium nitride chargers are also varied on the market.A good brand will save a lot of things. A good brand,which with high quality, safety, and a good guarantee.
B.) The socket
One of the advantages of gallium nitride chargers is that multiple sockets charge simultaneously, therefore,you need to consider your own needs, such as how many devices you normally have. If you only have a phone or laptop, consider xiaomi's single plug. If you have more than one device, such as a phone, laptop, game console, camera, etc., a multi-plug charger is a priority.
C.) Look at the output power
The common output power is 45W, 55W, 65W, 100W, 120W and so on. When we choose GaN charger, we should look at the maximum power that our phone can withstand. If it exceeds the withstand range, the service life of the phone will be reduced, and even explosion will occur.
D.) Quick charging agreement
The protocols supported by quick charging generally include PD3.0, PD2.0, QC3.0, QC2.0, FCP, SCP, and AFC. The fast charging protocol determines whether the highest output power is supported, that is, the speed of charging. There is a problem, which should be pay attention to if the protocol is suitable for your charging device. What you buy is a 65W gallium nitride multi-port charger. The output power of only one socket may reach 65W, but it is impossible for multiple ports to operate at the same time to have such a high output power. Generally, the quick charge is between 20-30W. If you want higher quick charge power, you can only buy the charger with the mobile phone manufacturer's own proprietary agreement.
E.) Volume
GaN is much smaller than a normal charger for the same amount of power. The design of the product itself will also affect the size of the product, in the end, it will indirectly affect your portability. Some have rectangular surfaces and square sides, some have square surfaces and rectangular sides, and some pins can be folded. The same power, small size and light weight, naturally is convenient to carry.
F.) Price
Gallium nitride chargers have many advantages, but the disadvantage is that the price is too expensive, now popular gallium nitride chargers' price is larger different, based on the output power. 

Recommend a practical GaN charger:

GaN Single Type C port 30W fast charger adapter with US plug
Input: AC100-240V,50-60Hz,0.8A                                  
Output:5V3A,9V/3A,12V/2.5A, 15V/2A,20V/1.5A max                            
Total output: 30W max

5.Types of GaN Fast Charger

As we all known, GaN fast charger with high efficiency. It can make our charging device’s capacity more and quickly. When a consumer buy a GaN fast charger, he should clearly know that which output power can be suitable for his device,such as 20W,30W,38W,45W, 80W,120W,etc. And how many ports suitable for his demands.There are so kinds of GaN fast charger in the market. Single Type C port type, Single USB A port type, or USB A+type C one,or multi-port one. In the future, manufactory will make multi-port GaN  fast charger,based on the market’s requirements.

6.The Main Problem of GaN

As GaN is a wide bandgap semiconductor with larger polarity,it is so difficult to get better metal-semiconductor Ohmic, which is the heavy problem of GaN component’s manufacturing. Therefore GaN’s component’s performance is good or bad with Ohmic’s manufacturing result. Taking heterojunction is a better methods at present. Firstly, make the forbidden bandwidth smaller, then take high doping in order to achieve contacting Ohmic, but this technology is so complexity . In briefly,contacting Ohmic is the mainly problem within GaN’s manufacturing, which should be solved well done.