2021 Trending Fast Car Charger And Car Wireless Charger with Holder

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2021 Trending Fast Car Charger And Car Wireless Charger with Holder


Science developed fast and took ncreasingly powerful functions of mobile phones. Charger has become an indispensable thing in people's life. The ordinary wall charger can not be used when we drive on the road. Therefore, car charger is born .It is very useful in a car. However, it also falls into several broad categories, such as normal 5V1A,5V2.1A car charger, wireless car charger with holder, and car charger with back splint as below.
1、PD20W fast car charger
2、Magnetic suction wireless car charger
3、V8 wireless car charger with Holder
4、Usually car charger
5、Back splint car charger with cable
Let me introduce it to you:“2021 Trending Fast Car Charger and Car Wireless Charger with Holder”

1.Auto-Clamping Car Wireless Charger with Holder

Smartphone market developed faster more within resent years,normal USB car charger can not suitable for consumer’sdemands. Wireless car charger is appearance,accompany with quick charging smart phone, such as iPhone,Huawei,Vivo,Samsung,etc.It is so portable when people driving on the road.
As we known, people always using mobile phone as a GPS when driving,Normal charger is not convenient when make navigation with mobile phone.The driver should take the phone to look for navigation by his right hand, it is very dangerous.
The wireless car charger’s coming changed this situation. It can be released driver’s right hand.It can be clipped mobile phone firmly on the air vent mounted, In the meanwhile,the mobile phone can not be dropped down.Because the non-slip clamp will catch the air vent mount tightly, and the clip board to fix the mobile phone firmly.

2.PD20W Fast Car Charger

With the rise of iPhone12/iPhone13, the charger was pushed to PD20W quick charge, in the meanwhile,the car charger also required with 20W PD quick charge. This kind of car charging, small stature, saving space, 20W fast charging, 3 times speed, Type-c interface, strong compatibility,aluminum alloy, gallium nitride, ABS and other materials structure, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, multiple protection, user no longer worry about damage to the mobile phone.

PD20W quick charge, aluminum alloy +ABS material, beautiful and durable, support iPhone series mobile phones, such as iPhone13.
1、Single Type-c PD20W fast car charger
2、Input:DC12V-24V, 2.4A

3.Sensor Qi Fast Charging Wireless Car Charger 

Wireless Charging Power 15W(Compatible 10W/7.5W/5W),Input Voltage/Current 5V/2A 9V/1.67A 12V/2A,Output Voltage/Current 5V/1A 5V/1.5A 9V/1.2A 9V/1.67A,Input frequency: 47Hz - 63Hz,Standby power consumption: < 0.3W,Power in interface Type C USB,Standard Protocol WPC Qi V 1.2.4,Sensing Distance:3-8mm,Product Size:71.2*123*93.2mm(CLOSE), 95.2*123*93.2mm(OPEN),Charging efficiency ≥76%,Charging area :20mm*10mm,Supported rechargeable devices :1,Number of coil(s) :1
Protection function: over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, foreign matter detection,Operating temperature: -10 to +60℃,Storage temperature: -20 to +70℃
Smart magnetic sensor,QC3.0 FAST CHARGE technology,Automaticlly open and close clamps with electro-motor,Touch switch button and bottom touch metal support,
Aluminium alloy clamps and bottom support,Full view high glossy tempered glass bezel,
Built-in Fara capacitor/battery support open clamps after car poweroff,
Product Color Options Black/Gray/Silver/Gold Compliance Qi, KC, CE, FCC, RoHS, CA Prop 65,Application:Car mount Phone Charging

4. Smart Magnetic Wireless Car Charger
The built-in magnet ring provides strong suction and automatically locks the charging area for more efficiently high charging speed.
360° Rotation for Perfect View
The car mount can be rotated 360 degrees by rotating the ball for one-handed operation to switch between the portrait and landscape of your cellphone. It is suitable for all types of air vents in car.
No Interfere with Cellphone Signals
The magnet ring adopts a constant closed magnetic field, which is more advanced than other magnetic car chargers. It does not interfere with the phone signal when charging, ensuring smooth navigation.
Compatible with Magsafe Cases
The magnetic car mount works with MagSafe cases, just set your iPhone 13,12 series device, case and all, against the magnetic surface and go.
compatible with the iPhone 13/13 pro/13 pro max ,12/ 12 pro/ 12 pro max/ 12 mini and official Mag-safe cases. NOTE: non-magnetic phone or phone case will slip off since the phone is unable to attach to the charger without magnetism
magnetic cell phone charger has a built-in magnetic element, and the strong suction force can closely fit the phone. The maximum power of 15W provides fast charging, and the power is automatically turned off when fully charged. It does not need clamps, is stable and does not fall down.

When you drive a car on the high-way with your family or with your good friends on holiday trip, car charger is a necessary thing,it is so important for a driver.Traditionally car charger with single USB port or dual port generally.It can not satisfy consumer’s requirements.
Private car is very common currently,most family have their own car all over the world.All the family always make a self-driving on weekends or holiday. Multi port car charger with back seat clip can solve this problem. It can make charging simultaneous with high speed.Its output can reach 45W totally.
* This car charger with multi port and long cable back splint,1.5M cable enable simultaneous charging of front and back seat charge.It is so convenient for everyone in a car.
* All the port have built-in intelligent chip that can identify charging device automatically, which is plugged into the car charger.
* It can be easily clipped and organized 1.5M length long cable on the back seat pocket.