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Christmas Gifts Wireless Charger Kits


Christmas Gifts Wireless Charger Kits

Accompanied with smart mobilephone’s developing,different brand mobilephone company push out more wireless charging mobile phone on the market.Therefore the market requires different type and application scenarios wireless chargers,Such as desktop pen holder wireless charger, Led lamp fast charging wireless charger, multi-function destktop wireless charging stand station,etc.When you are working in office, pen holder wireless charger is suitable for you. It can not only offer wireless charging for your mobilephone, but also can make your desk with clean and orderly.If you are a high shool student, maybe Led lamp wireless charger is a good choice for you. You can not only take it as a lamp,but also use it as a wireless charger, when studying at night.
1.wireless charger with pen holder
Things on the desk will be cluttered,when working. Normally cell phone will be falled down on the floor,when people are busy in the office.There is an idea,that add a phone holder into a wireless charger, it can make charging and storage function with one products. Therefore a new product pen holder wireless charger was created.It can be made with different materials and functions,according to customer's requirements.Such as ABS material,wheat straw material,bamboo material,slot pen holder wireless charger,etc.
1.) ABS+bamboo wireless charger with pen holder
The product is made of half ABS and half bamboo material.Charging area with bamboo material,that is beautiful and environmental. Office stationery can be putted into the pen holder,such as pencil, ruler, pen, scissors cutter,post-it notes and so on. It can be made the office desk's space larger and cleaner than before.In addition,Mobilephone can be putted on the holder,it can not only charge the phone,but also prevent the phone from falling.This pen holder wireless charger is small,light,elegant,which can be taken as a good gift for business partners.

2.) wheat straw wireless charger with pen holder
The below products is made of wheat straw and plastic mixed materials.It is environmental and durable. Its function is exactly as the same as ABS one.The only one difference is material. Therefore, there is a one more choice when choosing gifts.

3.)bamboo wireless charger with pen holder
This one is different from the above two products, it is completely made of natural bamboo and recyclable .They also have the same function. we don't have to worry about it breaking down and taking up our space. Rustic design and material have its own unique charm, it attracted more customers all over the world.

4.)wireless charger with slot holder and pen holder
This product is improved according to the needs of our customers. Most people usually watch movies or play games by their mobile phones in spare time after work. They will feel tired if use hands for a long time to take mobile phone, therefore,cutting a pair of grooves on the pen holder is appearance, it can take mobile phones in the grooves to watch movies or play games.

2.LED lamp wireless charger 

1.) High quality gift kits of wireless charger
Desk Lamp Wireless Charger 5W 7.5W 10W LED lamp with integrated Qi wireless charger. Energy-saving and eye-protecting slight Led light. In addition, it can illuminate your desk, when your device charging.
Compact size, lamp base wireless charging surface of Qi compliant devices,just put your smartphone on the stand to start charge.The lamp has an adjustable arm.Its angl can be adjusted,according to your needs.
It is made of solid and elegant material,which fits well into both modern and classic interiors.
Power supply -input: 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A , power output: 5V/1A, 9V/1.1A ,Power: 5W,7.5W,10W
Wireless charger power: 5W,7.5W,10W. Charging efficiency: 70%. Wireless charging distance: within 2-8 mm.

2.) LED lamp wireless charger station for Apple Watch 

4-in-1 LED desk lamp not only delivers you soft and comfortable illumination, but also charge your mobile devices and Apple Watch at the same time. Like the versatile design? Let’s keep going.
This multi-function and good-looking LED desk lamp that measures 190*360*10 mm. As we can see from the images, the LED lamp boasts a minimalist and elegant appearance, and simple lines add much more modern aesthetics to the lamp in order to blend well with various interior decoration.
The desk lamp comes equipped with 10W high-quality LED lights that make warm and soft illumination without flickering, radiation and UV when reading, writing, or working at night.It have 3-levels lights,which allow you to adjust the brightness conveniently with your needs.
This wireless charger's features is Applr Watch's charging stand.Therefore it can keep your iWatch charging. There is an integrated wireless charger on the center for charging any Qi-enabled smartphone or an iPhone with a wireless charging .

3. 4 in one Multi-function desktop wireless charging stand

Technology developed fast, which make our life intelligentized  . Smart mobile phone,Wireless bluetooth earphone, iWatch, pad apprearance are very normal during our life. It can make our life intelligentized  and convenient.
When you are travelling or climbing , your mobilephone or iWatch without enough quantity of electric charge, the below 4 in one muti-function desktop wireless charging stand can sovle it. This wireless charging desktop stand can not only charge for mobilephone but also can charge for wireless bluetooth earphone or iWatch. It can make your life simple. Bty,This wireless charger has a smart Led light, which have five different color lights.It can be putted into your bedroom as a cute led lamp at night.