The Fifth Anniversary Activity At Hyasia Electronics

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The Fifth Anniversary Activity At Hyasia Electronics


The Fifth Anniversary Activity At Hyasia Electronics 

Until 13th November , 2021, Hyasia Electronic Co., Ltd. has gone through five years. On this important day,our Hyasia held the 5th anniversary celebration with the theme of "Walk with wind and rain, thank you for your company" in the banquet hall of Xiangge Shanshui Mountain Villa. We invited all employees,workers, and our business partners, to celebrate the fifth birthday. It is not only the witnes but also cohesion monment of our Hyasia.
On that morning we gathered together in the banquet hall.All of us are very excited because today is a special day. We start to blow the balloon decoration walls, clean fruits, prepare customer gifts, audio equipment installation, pull banners,  etc.scene unusually busy, but still orderly, give medal presentation  to employees.Two ritual girls,who wear Chinese style chi-pao,  most of us eyes were attracted by them.

At the same time, the team also returned to the company to pick up the company's guests. It's about half an hour's walk from the company to the banquet hall. Nearly half past ten, almost all the guests arrived, at this time the venue also completed the layout. Then it's time to officially begin today's festivities.
First of all,the host announced the beginning of the celebration and make speech.Then our company's founder and special guests took the stage to make a toast.After the leader's passionate speech, the award ceremony began. In order to thank those who have worked hard for the company all over these years, our company prepared red envelopes and gifts to show our gratitude and encouragement.

After the award ceremony, our company also gave a benefit to those present, looking for the lucky star of the day----namely the lucky draw.But before that we have to play a game of musical chairs, only the winner can draw the prize.But today's lucky star did get the Apple Watch,Very lucky.After everyone's entertainment, we started today's cake cutting,the host invited our founder to make the first cutting, then passed out the cake with the leaders,then we took pictures together.At that exciting time, the founder came on stage to open champagne, accompanied by the sound of the salute, invited everyone to drink this cup, and announced: the banquet officially began.

After enjoying lots of delicious foods and red wine. Our company arranged so kinds of activity for all of us. Such as gKTV for singing songs for more than four hours.We were singing, laughing. Everyone’s face full of happiness. Some colleagues didn’t  like singing.They climbed hills, went fishing, made pottery ,enjoyed the beautiful scenery in this Vacation Villa.

In this 5 years’ anniversary, someone get decoration, someone get flowers.someone get clapping.All of us enjoy that moment.We are pride of that we are a part of our Hyasia. Next year,all of us will try our best to push our company moving to forward.Wish our Hyasia will make a larger progress in the future!