China spent $20 billion to take over the entire engine production line, leaving western countries helpless

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China spent $20 billion to take over the entire engine production line, leaving western countries helpless


In ancient times, due to the prosperity of China's national strength, generally speaking, China would not seek help from surrounding small countries. On the contrary, when these small countries encountered difficulties, they would think of China first.
Records of "were" : the western han dynasty period, because of the western region the Turkish forces is very rampant, the zhou dynasty in small countries, often have to request they eliminate the Turkish forces for the army of the western han dynasty, when the silk road as China's important trade route, the small country of its role is self-evident, so basically the western han dynasty for the small countries are needed.

Of course, this kind of help was also due to the policy of the vassal states at that time, that is, China was the supra-state, and these small vassal states were vassal states, and they had to pay tribute to the court every year, so that they could get the protection of the court.
In Ming History, the Japanese invaded the Korean Peninsula in the mid-Ming Dynasty, and when the Korean Peninsula came to China for help, China sent a large army to defend their homeland against Japanese pirates.
Such aid, of course, has been common throughout history.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Our country lacked the edge of the ancient times. In particular, we were far behind in all fields of development, especially in scientific research projects. At that time, another country offered us a helping hand: Ukraine.
As time goes by, the communication between Our country and Ukraine is gradually deepening. This Ukrainian enterprise will also take root in China.
China spent 20 billion to take over the entire engine production line, which the Western countries had no choice but to do, and the cooperation was a win-win result for both sides.

At the beginning of China's science and technology development, Ukraine could be said to have provided a lot of help to Our country, especially in the military industry. At that time, Our country was in its infancy.
The materials and technology are relatively backward, and the help provided by Ukraine can be said to be a timely help, which solved a lot of difficulties in our country at that time.
But Ukraine was also in a bad position. The collapse of the Soviet Union had put economic pressure on Ukraine, and western powers had been pressuring them to destroy the advanced weapons and equipment they had inherited from the Soviet Union, especially nuclear weapons and some missile systems.

Ukraine also hoped to relieve its economic pressure through these advanced weapons and equipment, but faced with pressure from some Western powers, it had to give up the idea and destroy it.
But some of the core technologies remain, particularly in defence and aerospace.
What we may not know is that some of our warships are semi-finished products imported from Ukraine, and they serve in our naval forces through continuous processing and improvement.

And in the field of aerospace technology in China is relatively backward and lack, especially in the aspect of aviation engine, has been a difficult point of breakthrough in China.
However, Ukraine has always been at the world's leading level in the research of this technology. After all, the Soviet Union had a relatively perfect theoretical system and production process at that time, and Ukraine also inherited it well, and has been constantly improving and developing in these years.
So we have a cooperative relationship with Ukraine, but this is a bad signal for the Western countries, so they have been obstructing, they don't want us to have too deep communication with Ukraine.

In such a situation, There is no way for Ukraine to bring core technologies to China.
But as Ukraine's domestic economy falters, the money it earns from working with China has become its lifeline.
According to local media reports in Ukraine, a famous aero-engine company, Madasic, has established a cooperative relationship with China, mainly because if it does not cooperate with China, it may close down.
In order to save the company's fate, establishing diplomatic relations with China is the only way.
To avoid American interference, Madasigi decided to move all of its aero-engine production from Ukraine to China.
There is no way for other countries to intervene if they want to.

According to Russian media, the cooperation between Madasiki and China is the most in-depth.
In addition to the application in general aircraft and aviation aircraft and other fields, the use of the world's more advanced science and technology, for the performance of the engine escort.
Moreover, with the in-depth exchanges between the two countries, it is also a great progress in China's military field and lays a foundation for the successful development of China's J-31 fighter jet. In this way, Ukraine can be said to have done China a great favor this time, and we will certainly give it some feedback to some extent.
It is learned that The project of Madaxi Company, which is building in China, has invested nearly 20 billion yuan, and its production lines are also in the process of relocation. It is believed that all the production lines will be located in China soon.

Cooperation and exchange is an inevitable trend of historical development. Through continuous cooperation and research, I believe that the national conditions of the two countries will surely improve continuously. After all, it is a win-win process.
At the same time, I also hope that our country's development in various fields can be better and better, and get rid of the backward situation as soon as possible.